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Discipleship: Called From Comfort SERIES Discipleship: Called From Comfort

Guest Speaker: Pastor Mike Shellabarger

John 5:1-9

This sermon…

Attract the World SERIES Attract the World

Pastor Rusty Russell

Titus 2:4-15

A healthy church attracts…

Live Holy Lives SERIES Live Holy Lives

Pastor Rusty Russell

Titus 2:1-15

Empty nester or older people…

Build Intentional Relationships SERIES Build Intentional Relationships

Pastor Rusty Russell

Titus 2: 1-15

The importance of being…


Discipleship: Called From Comfort

Guest Speaker: Pastor Mike Shellabarger

I Love My Church

Pastor Rusty Russell

Live For Eternity Today

Student Pastor Robbie Rutherford

The Hand That Rocks The Cradle Rules The World


David: From Fugitive To King

David: From Fugitive To King

Whose Hat Are You Wearing?

Guest Speaker: Bryce Hotchkiss

What We Have Seen And Heard

What We Have Seen And Heard

Faster Father

Guest Speaker: Doug Fultz

Joy Ride

Pastor Rusty Russell

A Message on Marriage

Guest Speaker Jamie Snyder

Easter at New Day

Pastor Rusty Russell

I am...Jesus is

Pastor Rusty Russell

The Value of Hard Work

Guest Speaker: Bob Russell

Annual State of The Church Address

Rusty Russell

What Do You Want? Encounters with Jesus

Rusty Russell

A Radical Faith

Bob Russell

Worship from the Start

Jared Hunter

God With Us

New Day Christian Church



His House

Rusty Russell

Guest Speaker: Doug Fultz


What Kind Of Church Are We?


Scenes from the Life of David

Rusty Russell

Choices that Help to Heal

Chris Heiss

Who are you...really?

Mike Shellabarger


Rusty Russell

What is Ethics?

Guest Speaker, Dr. David Peters

What is Apologetics?

Guest Speaker Dr. David Peters

You Are The Light Of The World

Rusty Russell

Restoration of Peter

Restoration of Peter

The Denial of Peter

Palm Sunday

Snapshots of the Savior

Snapshots into the life of Christ.

Guest Speaker: Les Hardin


Guest Speaker: Doug Fultz


Snapshots Of the Savior

A look at the life of Christ

Guest Speaker: Bob Russell

Guest Speaker: Bob Russell

Guest Speaker: Bob Russell

Guest Speaker: Bob Russell

State Of The Church 2017

State of the church 2017

Snapshots of the Savior

Life of Jesus Christ from the gospels

Restoring the Heart of Christmas

Join us as Pastor Rusty looks through the Gospel of John for the story of Christ's coming to earth!

Guest Speaker: Dr. Les Hardin

Dr. Les Hardin challenges his listeners to discern who is King over their lives as we remember the coming of the one True King, Jesus.

Guest Speaker: Jamie Snyder

Guest speaker Jamie Snyder comes to visit with us

I Do What I Want: Concerns of Living in the Gray

Our 3rd and final series from 1st Corinthians. Watch as Pastor Rusty preaches on the concerns of abusing our Freedom in Christ.

The Birds and The Bees: Getting Back To Basics

A continuation of our 1 Corinthians Study with an emphasis on relearning God's basic principles on Sex and Marriage.

One: It's Time To Come Together

A Study of 1st Corinthians

Living Outside The Box: A Study of the Book of James

A study of the Book of James

Two Trees

Guest Speaker Doug Fultz from the Solomon Foundation.

Living Outside The Box: A Study Of The Book Of James

A study of the book of James

The Heart Matters

Guest Speaker: Doug Fultz from the Solomon Foundation

Living Outside The Box: A Study Of The Book Of James

a study through the book of James

Guest Speaker: Les Hardin

Guest Speaker: Dr. Les Hardin


The Resurrection Means We Win

What's Next?

This series is geared to remind us where we have been as a church, where we are now, and where we are going.

Causes Of Bad Choices


Thinking Biblically About Political Elections

Pastor Rusty takes a look at how scripture influences our decisions in political elections

Snapshots of the Savior

Leading into Easter, this series will take us through several major events that occurred during the life of Christ.

Growing Like the Teenage Jesus

December 27th, 2016
Rusty Russell

The Hope Of Christmas

This four week series will help prepare you for the Christmas Season as we discover the hope we have in Christ Jesus

To Know God... A study of 1st John

This twelve-week study dives deep into the apostle Johns instructions regarding brotherly love, Christ-like understanding, and holy living.

"I'm In... 100% Committed"

This five week series takes us back to where we began as a church. Join us as we study our history, and why we believe what we believe!

Legacy of Leadership

This study of the life of Samuel uncovers the truth about leading well.

reMARKable: The Amazing Jesus

This stand alone sermon from guest speaker Bryce Hotchkiss reminds us that we should step out in faith towards an amazing Savior.

The Parables of Jesus

Join us as Dr. Hardin, professor of New Testament at JUFL, walks through several of the parable teachings of Jesus.


Join us as we dive into the second half of the book of Acts. Throughout this study, Pastor Rusty will take us through the life and ministry of the apostle…

He's All You Need

In this series Pastor Rusty delves into the different accounts of Jesus' appearances following His resurrection from the dead.

Acts Of God

In this series, Pastor Rusty Russell deals with the problem of pain. Join us as we dive into the life of Joseph and learn from how he dealt with suffering.

Annual "State Of The Church Address"

Lead Pastor Rusty Russell takes our congregation through all that God has accomplished at New Day in the year 2014

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